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Managing low back pain

More than 80% of the adult population suffer from back pain at some time in their life. 1 in 5 of these people lives with chronic back pain.

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for people taking time off work, often causing anxiety and distress alongside the pain itself.

Yet gentle, effective exercise, delivered by a properly trained exercise professional, can often help with the prevention and management of low back pain. Which is why the Back4Good® programme is at the forefront for delivering safe and managable exercises to maintain good back health.

Your back is designed for movement.

So what you should do is get your back moving…this stimulates its natural ability to recover.

The Back Book - Royal College of GPs

About Back4Good®

Pilates is well renowned for being an effective way to manage back pain and the initiative of Body Control Pilates® takes this to another level with the Back4Good® exercise programme.

It has been developed specifically to help those with low back pain by using tailored Pilates-based exercises that are safe and effective – targeting many of the complex issues and underlying causes of low back pain.

How we can help you…

Our very SMALL group, or private sessions are designed for those who need help to prevent and manage chronic low back pain.

They are taught by expert Pilates Back Care practitioners, holding the highly accredited Back4Good® certification.

Quality expertise

Back4Good® Practitioners are exercise specialists who are trained to help people with non-specific low back pain. Practitioners are already experienced Body Control® Pilates teachers and have additionally undertaken extensive training exclusively related to low back pain.

All Back4Good® Practitioners are registered as a ‘BackCare Professional’ with BackCare®, the charity for healthier backs.

Back Care Health
NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) underline the importance of gentle exercise for back health in the 2009 medical guidelines, recommending that people with persistent non-specific low back pain should be encouraged to stay physically active and exercise.

Referral to the Back4Good® Programme
You may self refer or be referred by your medical practitioner.

GPs and medical practitioners are encouraged to refer patients, where appropriate, to properly qualified exercise professionals.

Sessions are held in very small groups, or you can opt for a one-to-one programme.

Key focus and benefits


Gain a deeper understanding of how to look after your back and develop skills you can use anytime

SAFE & effective

Exercise in a gentle, safe and effective way, that reduces strain on your back

Stay active

Be content knowing that you are doing the right thing to support your back, so you can REMAIN ACTIVE!


Learn to self-manage and help with the prevention of low back pain and counter further problems which may occur


Be in control of your movement, improve your posture and increase both strength and flexibility


Back pain can have an impact on mental health. Pilates will help relax and distance you from pain, allowing mental respite

Important note

When booking you will be required to complete a medical history enrolment form.

You may be asked to attend a private assessment to evaluate your suitability to join group sessions.

If you have a medical condition, or have had a recent injury, illness or operation, please consult with your medical practitioner before joining  sessions to check that it is ok for you to exercise.

Type of exercises in the programme

During your sessions your practitioner will teach you the Pilates ABC – Alignment, Breathing and Centring (Core Stability).

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be taught a series of exercises designed to help you control your movement and improve your posture, increasing both the strength and flexibility of your back.

We will go over the exercises carefully to make sure you have a good understanding of them and their objectives. You will then feel confident about performing them on your own and will be progressed at a pace that suits you.


We are here to guide you in what is the best fit for your goals, schedule and needs and we’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions!